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Brain anatomy and functions.

Let us explain about brain anatomy and their function to understand our program better.

Right Brain is the more artistic and creative side of the brain  
Left Brain is the more academic and logical side of the brain

The left hemisphere performs tasks that have to do with logic, such as in science and mathematics.
The right hemisphere  performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts. 

Left brain is known hard working brain, so it requires effort to learn, in contrast, right brain is known as intuitive and it is developed very differently to left brain. 

Right Brain Program : Genius Kids Method

Right brain programs proven to have a positive impact, it's proven to improve the ability of, photographic memory, creativity, intutive skills, focus skills and to handle bigger numbers at a young age.

Nowadays, much of early childhood education is “left brain oriented”. and many children minimise their innate ability of right brain functions such as intution, imagination, photographic memories e.t.c.  We believe the right side of the brain also needs to be used more.
Our "
Genius Kids Method" contains the principles of right brain activation.

When children experience Genius Kids methods, they develop both hemispheres of the brain, therefore they excel in many other areas. Some studies have looked at cognitive development, social behaviors, memory retention, and reversal of cognitive impairment. Children who use the right brain activities have shown remarkable outcomes. 

Benefits of Genius Kids methds:

Increases ability of 
Speed & Accuracy of caliculation
Self Confidence
Photographic memory

Left Brain Program: Abacus and Mental Maths.

Using the abacus helps children develope both brain hemispheres, but the abacus programs are used more for left brain development.
With regular use of the abacus program and performing mental maths, children will be confident in numbers and arithmetic. 
Abacus suites all styles of learners such as auditory, visual, reading/writting and kinethetic.  As a result of  using the abacus, students will adapt to all learning styles. 

The area of expected improvements are:

Academic performance 
Listening skill
Mind mapping & brain stimulation
Mental math 
Speed in calculation & accuracy 

What is an Abacus and history of abacus

The Abacus has been used in Japan since 1500's as a calculas tool by mostly busness people to get fast and acurate caluculations. It was also used as an important part of children's maths development in a 1920-1970's. As Japanese society adapted western cultures, education styles changed, as a consequence the popularity of abacus decreased hugely. However recently there has been resurgence in the popularity of the abucus. It is beacuse there has been reserach suggesting that abacus has many benefits for children's brain development which no other modern math tools or methds can offer.

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