Genius Kids Academy

Our program are designed to help whole brain development. Students will gain strong life skills and discover their innate potential through our uniquely designed programs. It also helps students to have "can do" attitude.

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Our lessons

Our program is designed to help children excel in arithmetic, memory, intutive skills, faster thinking and over all academic performance. Our program uses traditional abacus methods, modern multiledia and Genius Kids Program (Right brain activation program).  

We offer our tution in a small groups and provide individual support to every child. 
Our programs are designed to be a fun learning experience, as a result children naturally develop curiousity of learning. At younger age children's brains are more flexible and have bigger capacity to learn, this is why we encourage younger children to join our class so they will learn methods effortlessly.

It is different to conventional teaching methods. Our program is designed to use wider areas of the brain ( reserach has suggested average children use only 3% of entire brain), it situmulates the brain positively, encouraging learning so by the time children graduate our course, they will have positive experience about learning and will be confindent in themselves. 
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